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Kindred Spirits Care Farm is a unique organization started over 6 years ago to help vulnerable and marginalized people heal with the help of rescued farm animals and organic veggie gardens. There are thousands of care farms in Europe and they have proven to be effective helping people feel better not only while they are on the farm, but also long after they no longer participate.

We have taken this concept to the next level by establishing our first care farm on the grounds of a public high school for at-risk kids. We help teach these kids about compassion, nutrition, self-empowerment and respect for all living beings. The students care for the alpacas, sheep, chickens, pigs and turkeys on the farm as well as the organic gardens. I could probably write a book on all the benefits and life lessons that this farm provides, but I will keep it short and just share one statistic. The average graduation rate for Los Angeles Unified School District is 82%. The graduation rate for the school with the farm is closer to 96%. And these are the kids that were 100% on the path to not graduating. So, to say these lives get turned around may be an understatement.

Its clear that our program works, and we want to do more. We want to work with more schools, and with more people including people who are not in school. We want to work with community groups, home school kids, special needs people and so much more.

So, we need our own place.
· We need to be able to fundraise to pay for our programs and to expand our reach.
· We want to be able to help people who are not in school.
· We want to have a safety net for our animals if a school-farm closes. This has already happened to us once and the animals deserve to have a safe and stable place to retreat if it happens again.

The good news is we have found the perfect property! 6.5-acres in a lovely area of Los Angeles, close to nearly 2 million residents, many of whom could really use our services. Rolling hills and huge trees give the place privacy and a sense of peace, and it is just minutes away from the schools we currently work with, as well as schools we are targeting for the future.

We have already secured over 95% of the funds to buy the property. We are just $100,000 short of our goal. That is a lot of money, but we already have $1.9 million secured. That last bit is small in comparison, but critical for success.

We need your help to make this dream a reality. We are SO close, but we need your help to get to the finish line.

EVERY donation matters!!

Thank you! From the bottom of all the furry, feathery, finny hearts at the farm, we all thank you.
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