Wildlife carers burnt

1 Month today (31/1/2020) since the horrendous journey started for June and Lex, the family have been through hell and back with news about June not always being positive, some days were very dark and very worrying, Lex on the other hand is battling through and becomes more positive every day
Over the past 3 or 4 days days June seems to have made great progress, (such a fighter) she is now awake and talking, they both still require many months in hospital and many skin grafts , but we are now all breathing a sigh of relief . The family have been at the hospital constantly to provide moral support.
The wildlife still in care (5wombats ) and the free range wildlife are being well looked after by Georgia who travels many K's each day to make sure food and water are supplied (we have to get some fuel money to her) HUHANZ have been to the property and done a fantastic job doing repairs on animal compounds and many other projects.
I can not thank people who have donated to this wonderful couple enough, many know them personally many don't
but still we all share the same love and compassion they will need over the coming year

UPDATE 12/2/2020 June is now out of ICU and in a Burns unit ward YAAAAAAA her room overlooks the Sydney CBD and the Harbor Bridge, still a long way to go but every day is a step forward, hopefully Lex will be transferred to Concord Hospital very soon
I am going to visit on Monday... can not wait to see my dear friend it has been too long and we have a lot of catching up to do
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Created Apr 30, 2020 Basin View, NSW


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