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Hello, Please my name is Pamela Yemisi. Growing up in one of the rural areas in Nigeria ,Africa, has been a strong motivation to ensure rural development in my country and across Africa.
In pursuit of my dream, after my undergraduate studies at the university, I applied to Sweden for a Masters degree program in Rural Development and Natural Resource Management, thankfully I was granted the admission in this month of April,2020.
My dreams and vision are coming to a stop because of lack of funds to continue my Masters degree in Sweden.
I chose Sweden because, I would get access to many valuable networks that can nurture my vision for the upliftment of rural areas in my country.
Please I sincerely need your financial support to help me pay for my tuition fees, accommodation and air ticket in Sweden.
On getting to Sweden i would work in the library of the university or in a cafe, to cater for my living expenses.
I intend to return back to my country after completing my masters program to serve my country and her people.
Thank you so much for your support.
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Thomas Created Apr 26, 2020 Nigeria


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