Defend the National Butterfly Center

Dear Lovers of Butterflies & Freedom,
We need your help—again—to fight a new enemy threatening the National Butterfly Center . This time, the villain is not the Trump Administration (against whom we filed suit in December 2017), but Brian Kolfage and his private citizens’ campaign, We Build the Wall, Inc . (WBTW), along with Fisher Industries . Together, they are building what they describe as a “water wall” on the banks of the Rio Grande River.

In early November, WBTW and Fisher arrived on a neighboring property in Mission, Texas, where they are building an unpermitted, freestanding border wall 3 miles long in the floodplain, in violation of international treaty. This project will obstruct and divert water flow in flood events to nearby properties and cause irreparable damage to the Rio Grande delta and the National Butterfly Center.

Our only option to stop this destructive project and preserve the National Butterfly Center against these impacts and potential land loss, was to file suit against the landowner, Kolfage, WBTW and Fisher —but we will need your support to see this through.
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Daniel Created Apr 30, 2020 Mission, TX


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