Peasant Employees Fund

This has been a very sad few days and some of the most difficult in our entire careers. Anyone who has ever been to our restaurant knows that all of our employees and team members are a part of our family. Though we know it's for everyone's own health and safety, it breaks our hearts that we had to close Restaurant Marc Forgione and Peasant and thus put our family members out of work. Some of our employees who are more behind-the-scenes but incredibly important and loved, like our porters, dishwashers and bussers, are going to be especially hard hit financially. Many of you, members of our beloved community, have been asking how you can help so we have set up this GoFundMe to provide our employees with financial assistance during this difficult time. We don't know yet how long this closure will last but 100% of these funds will be distributed among our staff. We recognize that it's a difficult time for many industries, not just ours, so we truly appreciate any donations, no matter how small.

Though these are dark days for us, our resilient family has survived the recession and post-9-11 so we know that we will survive this as well. Thank you for all the love and support.
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